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If you are searching for competent and professional GUT remodeling contractors in Chicago, look no further than U.S. Home Construction Inc. We are a leading full GUT remodeling contractor in Chicago. To beautify your property, we have been providing full GUT remodeling services for several years. With a high level of customer service, affordable price rates, quality craftsmanship, and attention to detail, we will provide you with a service that may help create a property of your dream.

Meet U.S. Home Construction Inc. – the most reliable and well-known remodeling contractor in Chicago!

Started with a small remodeling service, we aim to deliver the most value for your investment so you can rely on us for the best decisions related to price and design. Our commitment to excellence and construction expertise is what makes us unique from other companies.

Get ready to transform your property with full GUT remodeling services at U.S. Home Construction Inc.!

At U.S. Home Construction Inc., we believe in customer satisfaction. This is the reason that we always listen to the needs and requirements of our customers. To know exactly what our customers want, we arrange in-person customer meetings, ultimately providing a superior level of service.

Being a leading GUT remodeling company, our objective is to provide custom solutions to meet all your needs. We are proud of our remodeling specialists who always treat the customers in a nice way, hence making U.S. Home Construction Inc. an ideal choice for the people of Chicago. With strong project management and service value, we, at U.S. Home Construction Inc., cater to home and business owners.

What Exactly Is Full GUT Remodel?

A full gut remodel is a type of remodeling in which all the interior finishes, doors, windows, ceilings, floors, stairs, plumbing, electric systems, and walls are stripped out of the property, hence creating a major layout change. In other words, everything from the building is completely removed for renovation, maybe to update the entire space or to build a second bedroom of the house.

As the interior finishes and other appliances are stripped out of the building, so there will be only the structure of the building left with you!

Depending on the budget and the condition of your property finishes, you may go for a full or partial gut remodeling. You can also remodel your entire home or just renovate a few portions of your property.

Full gut remodeling projects are much complex and large as compared to other remodeling projects. It takes more time and cost. For example, the total time duration for a full renovation of a three-bedroom apartment is three to twelve months. But again, it depends on the kind of remodel that you select for your home or office. As gut remodeling is costly and labor-intensive work, so it is important to take the services of a reliable and trusted remodeling contractor like us.

So, if you have any major work in your property related to updating the entire space, you can consider U.S. Home Construction Inc. We will provide you with the best service at a competitive price rate.

Full GUT renovation services that U.S. Home Construction Inc. provides include:

  • Structural improvements to the floors, walls, and ceilings
  • Installation of new finishes or appliances
  • Painting
  • Replacing plumbing lines or updating electrical systems
  • Installing new staircases
  • Remodeling of electrical equipment and much more!

The Cost of Full GUT Remodel

At U.S. Home Construction Inc., we totally understand that every project is unique. That is why we will provide you with the best-customized package to view each room’s size, the cost of materials, current problems, and the type of remodeling. In this way, no detail will be missed. We believe in providing the pricing plan that best suits your budget, keeping in view the cost and time constraints.

As we provide gut remodeling in residential and commercial properties, get in touch with us to make dream property a reality. We will help you realize your remodeling dream!

Why Choose U.S. Home Construction As Your Remodeling Contractor?

U.S. Home Construction Inc. is a licensed and insured remodeling company that also understands its responsibility of being a good member of the community. As a reliable remodeling company in Chicago, we offer a diverse range of remodeling services that can simply transform the ambiance of your property.

You can select different designs according to your preferences. Not only this, but you can also come to us with your favorite designs. We will convert your remodeling idea into reality, making it functional as well.

Besides, the main thing is that we have gained the trust of people in our dedication to satisfying our clients before, after, and during the remodeling project. Our remodeling team is not only professional and dedicated to work but easy to work with as well.

We provide the best quality to our customers while making their experience with us as enjoyable as possible!

We also provide free consultation and estimates as per the needs of the project. Apart from gut remodeling, we offer other services as well, including home remodeling, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, tile installation, bathroom design, kitchen backsplash installation, and many more. Check our entire range of remodeling services by clicking on the link below!

At U.S. Home Construction Inc., we know that full gut remodeling is not something that you need every month. It is the type of service that must be done with quality products and craftsmanship. If you have come to us for the very first time, do not worry about the quality of the service. Have complete trust in us as we will never leave you alone.

Professional Experts at U.S. Home Construction Inc.

U.S. Home Construction Inc. has an expert team of remodelers that is not only flexible but will work within your budget as well. Our professionals are committed to providing a high level of services, hence maintaining long-lasting relationships with our customers. They will leave no stone unturned to make your vision come true by providing top-of-the-line services. They are not like those contractors who just do their work and go away. Our remodelers always perform quality work on time so that our customers can have the best experience when they take our services.

As we have a large team of gut remodelers, so we ensure that we will always stay on the schedule. We will discuss your remodeling needs with you and will also provide you with some suggestions to make your property look as new and modern as possible.

You can trust us for whole property renovation as we have completed several full GUT remodel projects in Chicago and nearby areas. These projects have truly made us a leader in the remodeling industry. With exclusive workmanship and professionalism, we will always be there for you to provide you with a full GUT remodel. We always try to add a personal touch to your property, no matter what sort of remodeling we are providing. We will guide you through every step, from the planning stage to the final stage of the project, so that you can make the best decision for your GUT remodel project.

Click here to view some of our full GUT remodel projects done in Chicago and the surrounding areas!

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Want a free quote for the full gut remodeling of your property? No worries, all you need to do is share the details of the job with us. Our customer service representative will provide you with a free quote, so give us a call right now!

The Best GUT Remodeling Services in Chicago!

Do you want to update your home or office? Do you want to make your property look completely new? Did you just say yes? Why not try full gut remodeling services at U.S. Home Construction Inc.? We are your go-to contractor when it comes to full gut remodeling services. We assure you that we will provide the top-level of remodeling service with the experienced and professional team. So, whether you want a partial remodel or a full remodel for your residential or commercial property, we have got your covered. With amazing designs and a high level of expertise, we are here to enhance the look of your property, ultimately giving life to it.

Providing you unparalleled full gut remodeling so that you can keep coming back to us if you have any gut remodeling project!

To get full remodeling services in residential and commercial settings, contact U.S. Home Construction Inc. right away on (contact number). Trust us; we will provide you with a solution to your full gut remodeling needs, hence becoming the smart choice for your projects. U.S. Free consultation and estimates are also provided here. Home Construction Inc. is looking forward to working with you, so, without waiting anymore, let’s discuss your full gut remodeling project!

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