Revitalise your property with GUT’s comprehensive renovation services, which have made us the leading contractor in Chicago for years. With our top-notch customer service, affordable pricing, and superior craftsmanship and attention to detail, we will create your dream home. Our goal is to provide custom solutions that meet your every expectation. Through solid project management and the values we embody in our services, we serve both homeowners and businesses.

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A full GUT renovation is a project in which we completely transform your property by removing all the finishes, doors, windows, ceilings, floors, stairs, plumbing, electrical and walls. It’s a revolutionary change that will allow you to completely metamorphose your space or make major modifications, such as adding an extra bedroom. Regardless of your budget and the state of your property’s finishes, you can choose a full or partial GUT renovation, tailored to your needs.

Full GUT renovation projects are comprehensive and demanding. For example, the refurbishment of a full three-bedroom flat can take between three and twelve months, depending on the scope of work and solutions chosen. Due to the cost and complexity of this type of renovation, it is important to entrust it to an experienced and trustworthy contractor such as us.

Our GUT renovation services include:

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We are a proud company that has earned the trust of customers in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Our extensive experience and passion for painting make us the best choice for your home. Why you should trust us.


We are a trusted Chicago renovation company that offers a wide range of services that will dramatically change the look of your property. Our greatest value is our commitment to customer satisfaction at every stage of the project. Our team is not only professional and dedicated to their work, but also provides an easy and friendly service.


We have completed many successful full GUT renovation projects in and around Chicago, making us a leader in the renovation industry. With our exclusive quality of work, we always add a personal touch to your property, regardless of the scope of the renovation. We guide you through the entire process, providing regular updates and consultations to keep you abreast of the project's progress.


We offer free consultations and quotes tailored to your needs. As well as GUT refurbishment, we also specialise in home renovations, bathrooms, kitchens, tiling installation, bathroom design, kitchen backsplash installation and much more.

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