When you choose a professional remodeling company like U.S. Home Construction Inc. you are giving your home a chance for a fresh new look. Hiring a professional painting company has many benefits. It helps transform the look of your home in an admirable way. If you are inexperienced in painting, many things can be an obstacle in your way. Avoiding these obstacles is only possible when you have a team of professionals by your side.

Our team of professional painting contractors is not the same as others who do the job and leave. They always check all their work to make it better for their clients. When you hire us for painting services, we guarantee that we will only leave you when you say “wow” at the sight of the final result. Our experts always come on time and do top quality work for you, adjusting to your schedule. You don’t have to worry about your busy hours.

We have provided our services to hundreds of clients over the past few years. Over the course of our business, thousands of our satisfied customers have given their homes a charming new look. As a leader in the industry, we offer both quality services and products.

Transform Your Home Into an Oasis of Beauty With Unique Painting Services!

Are you a person who wants to give new life to your living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom? If so, hiring our painting services is the best choice for you. Our services allow you to give art to your interior and exterior of your home that can refresh your entire home. Whatever your needs are, we will work off the beaten track to make the results surprising to you.

Analysis plays a key role in the positive results of your home when it comes to painting. That’s why our highly qualified team conducts a visit to your home, analysing everything that needs attention. Moisture and small holes in the walls are the main reason why paint does not last longer. Therefore, our home visit specifies everything that is clear to us, so that we can start working with a better strategy that will give you long-lasting results in a wallet-friendly environment. In addition, dirt is another important factor that can affect the overall appearance of your paint. The paint we offer is easy to clean and remains waterproof for the exterior of your home.

Why choose our painting company for your project?
Our company - your trusted solution

We are a proud company that has earned the trust of customers in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Our extensive experience and passion for painting make us the best choice for your home. Why you should trust us.


Our skilled painters have the skills and knowledge to provide you with the highest quality painting services. We work with precision and pay attention to the smallest details to ensure you get a great end result.

Adaptation to your needs

We are flexible and ready to adapt to your individual requirements. Our team listens to your ideas and suggestions to create a painting that meets your expectations.

Trust and transparency

We value the trust of our customers, which is why we insist on transparency in our services. We always present clear and honest costs and deadlines so you know what to expect.

Excellent quality of materials

We rely on high quality painting materials to ensure the durability and beauty of your home. We work with reputable suppliers to bring you the best products.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. That's why we strive to exceed your expectations and provide you with painting services that meet the highest standards.