Advantages of Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Installation

If you are looking for the advantages of ceramic and porcelain tile installation, you are in the right place. It is a good idea to look into the advantages of any type of tiles before you choose them for your house remodeling. Nowadays, the trend of installing ceramic and porcelain tiles in bathrooms, as well as other parts of a house, is growing rapidly. It is mainly due to the advantages that these types of tiles bring for you. However, before you know what qualities they offer for your home, let’s learn about the difference between these two.

Many people believe that these two types of tiles are the same, but there is a slight difference between these two. Although the main process for making both of these tiles is the same but difference comes in composition and temperature. The clay that is used for making porcelain and ceramic tiles slightly differs in each case. Additionally, the heating temperature during the construction process varies for each type of tile. The porcelain tile is fired at a relatively higher temperature than the ceramic one. With these minor differences in their making process, the slight differences are observed in their benefits as well.

In this article, we will go into the detailed advantages of both of these types of tiles. So, let’s start!

Porcelain tile installation offers the following advantages for bathroom or home remodeling:

  1. Resistant to liquids

The most impressive feature of the porcelain tile installation is that they are resistant to water and liquids. Even if they encounter numerous spills of water in a day, they won’t absorb the water. In this way, these types of porcelain types are the best choice for bathroom remodeling and new bathroom construction. As the bathroom is the place where there is heavy use of water, a tile must be water-resistant. If the tiles weren’t resistant to liquids at such a place, they would absorb water and start damaging soon.

  1. Resistant to stains

Another benefit of choosing the porcelain tiles is that they are highly resistant to stains and spots. This is a very admiring and appreciable feature for those who have kids or pets at home. Most commonly, children keep on throwing food and drinks on the floors. If your floor tiles do not stain-resistant, they will start becoming dull and ugly due to stains. Being resistant to stains, your floor tiles would not accept any stain from anything thrown over it. As a result, they would look clear, clean, and beautiful, just like the newly build tiles for years.

  1. High durability

The porcelain tiles are highly durable and firm. Even after heavy or rough use, they won’t break and scratch from any side. Additionally, the material used to make them and a particular heating temperature add further strength to these tiles. Due to being highly durable, they would go for years.

  1. Less maintenance

Moreover, the porcelain tiles require less maintenance. If you install porcelain tiles in your bathroom or at any other place in your home, you won’t need to worry about maintenance. These tiles would stay the same over the course of years and require minimal maintenance. They don’t tear, break, or require touch-ups frequently. In this way, these types of tiles save the cost of repairing them.

  1. Easier to clean

One of the advantages of ceramic and porcelain tile installation is that they are easy to clean. Porcelain tiles have a clear and sleek surface that you can easily clean within seconds. The top surface of the tiles offers no resistance while cleaning and thus, are highly in demand.

  1. Perfect for high traffic areas

The most common issue with tiles is that they often break or lost their original finishing in the heavy traffic areas. However, you won’t have to go through the same issue with the porcelain tiles. With porcelain tiles installation, you will never worry about any such things. This is because the porcelain tiles are the perfect choice for high traffic areas such as the main entrance or living rooms. Additionally, these tiles are also best and highly durable for the bathrooms that we use several times a day.

  1. Greater aesthetics

Another amazing benefit of these tiles is that they directly add more aesthetics to the beauty of your home. With their latest and trendy designs, you can make your home look more appealing to everyone. Additionally, their super finishing and incredible texture and shine make them look very natural, trendy, and sophisticated.

  1. Longest lifespan

Finally, another advantage of porcelain tile installation is that they come with the longest lifespan. Their high durability, as well as less maintenance, make them go for years or decades. In this way, they cut down your cost of remodeling your home frequently and keep you away from unwanted costs and stress.

Other Benefits of Ceramic Tile Installation

Just like the porcelain tiles, regular ceramic tiles also come with a number of advantages. Based on their features, you can decide which type of tiles would be best for your place. Ceramic tile installation for bathroom or home remodeling offers the following advantages.

  1. Water-resistant

Ceramic tiles are highly resistant to all types of liquids, including water. They repel water or any other liquids and thus, maintain their integrity and durability. Due to this advantage, they are a good fit for bathrooms where there is extensive use of water. By installing the ceramic tiles in your home, you would not need to change, replace, or perform the fixtures to cover the water damages to tiles.

  1. Variety of designs

Another incredible benefit of choosing ceramic tiles for your place is that you have a varying variety in these tiles. You can choose any type of ceramic tile in any design and any color. The tile markets are filled with a huge variety of ceramic tiles at varying prices. They don’t only offer a huge variety in these tiles but also a great range of colors. The availability of multiple designs and colors give you greater freedom to choose the one that would fit with your home theme.

  1. Cheaper in price

The thing that makes these tiles higher in demand in the price. You will be surprised to know that the price of ceramic tiles is relatively less than the price of porcelain tiles. Thus, you can easily save some of your money by choosing the ceramic tiles instead of porcelain tiles. However, it doesn’t mean that porcelain tiles are a waste of money due to high prices. The fact is that both of these tiles have their own features and advantages, and both are worth buying. Based on your budget, you can choose any one type of these tiles and enjoy installing them at your location.

  1. Durable

Just like porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles are also highly durable. They are made up of a special composition clay that gives them strength. Additionally, they are fired at a special temperature that adds more durability to them. Due to these reasons, the ceramic tiles are now widely being used in the construction of homes and offices.

  1. Unglazed ceramic

You can also benefit from the unglazed ceramic tiles for a more natural feel. You can choose the relevant design for an unglazed finishing and keep enjoying its benefits. The best thing is that you are free to choose either unglazed or glazed variety of tile in the category of ceramic tiles. The main difference between these two is that the unglazed ceramic tiles are slightly less resistant to water than the glazed ceramic tiles. However, the unglazed variety of ceramic tiles is available at a more affordable price with durability.

  1. Non-slip feature

The most serious concern while installing these tiles is the slipcases. Most commonly, the ceramic tiles are expected as highly slippery tiles that result in more injuries due to instant fall offs. However, there is a great variety of ceramic tiles that are relatively less slippery. Many of them come with a special texture that reduces the slip-offs, especially for the tiles in the bathrooms. So, if you are planning about your bathroom remodeling, you must figure out an extensive range of non-slip ceramic tiles for your bathroom.

  1. Allergens concern

Finally, another most incredible and mind-blowing feature of these tiles is that they are allergens resistant. These tiles don’t allow the allergens to grow on them due to their special texture and sleek design. Additionally, as they are easy to clean with 100% residue or dirt removal, the chances of bacteria or microbial growth on the floor reduce to a minimum. Therefore, the installation of the ceramic tile is the best choice as compared to choosing any other tiles or carpets for your home. These ceramic tiles are more beneficial for homes where babies and pets live with adults. The installation of these tiles greatly helps in keeping the place clean, tidy, and germ-free all the time.