7 Improvements To Consider While Remodeling Your Modern Bathroom


Usually, the bathroom is the last place you visit before going to sleep and after waking up. Nothing is better than a hot shower after a tiring day at work or brushing your teeth in front of the mirror to start your day perfectly. Bathrooms have a far more important role in our lives than we are actually aware of. That’s why remodeling your modern bathroom can breathe new life in your daily routine.

Admittedly, just changing lights while remodeling modern bathroom can actually give you a relaxing effect. They’re plenty of ways you can start remodeling your bathroom. Some require new shower tubs, others think they need to have radiant flooring and low flow toilets. It all depends upon your taste and need. There are a bunch of ideas you can implement to remodel your bathroom and make it a place where you can retreat after a long hectic day. Plus, you get to start off your mornings in the bathroom you designed.

With all-new accessories and ideas, your newly renovated bathroom will help you improve your quality of life, adapt modern functionality ideas, update your style, and increase your house value in the future. Renovations/Remodeling processes are the best times to implement the improvement that will serve your family and your needs for years.

If you’ve decided to remodel your bathroom then these are some improvements ideas you can keep in mind while spending your money. These ideas will improve your bathroom storage capacity, functionality, and comfortability.

Textured Tile Shower Floor:

Why is the textured floor important for the shower? Because when the shower floor gets wet, it gets slippery. Extra grouting and textured will reduce slippery happenings after the floor gets wet and soapy. These textured tiles are easy to clean. Grouting in between them makes them resistant to mold, moisture, stains, and humidity.
You can use ceramic and porcelain tiles that will give you style and decor opportunities. Experiment and evaluate how you can get the maximum visual impact while remodeling modern bathroom by matching different patterns and colors. You will have thousands of tile/flooring choices for these experiments. Safety from slipping is usually the main concern while selecting tiles. Texture tiles can give you the safety you need and the visual impact you desired.

Install hidden Toilet Tank While Remodeling Modern Bathroom:

Hidden Tanks of toilets can save you a lot of space and can add to the aesthetic look of your bathroom as well. These kinds of toilets are worth considering if you are remodeling a bathroom with a small space. Your designer will love to have that extra space for his new creative ideas while remodeling modern bathroom.

By choosing these hidden tank toilets, you can appear as the homeowner having knowledge with modern decor and it can add value to your finances. These toilets are appropriate for all kinds of bathroom styles, but they can be a great fit for modern and contemporary decor especially. There Are some other types of tankless toilets as well. They use pressure valves just like found in commercial buildings or public bathrooms.

Some things to keep in mind if you’re going with this choice, maintenance of these toilets can be difficult since there is no easy access to the tank if you face any problem with the working situation. With public buildings preferring these kinds of toilets, you may have industrialist feelings having them in your home bathroom

Plumbing Drain Pipes:

Typically drain pipes being used in bathroom plumbing are usually the size of 1-½” and 1-¼”. They’re usually made of PVC plastic. The problem with these sizes is, they can clog easily. Especially, you’re a big family and use the same bath daily for a bath or shower. Going up with the size of your draining pipe and installing 2” drain pipes will improve the capacity and performance dramatically. They cost the same amount of money. You will feel a big difference in the functionality of your bathroom.

Be Considerate About Installing A Shower Tub:

It’s a routine to install a shower tub in your bathroom. Just because everybody is doing it so people think they should do it too. Your bathroom can avoid the bathtub if you never use it for taking a bath. Real Estate professionals may argue with you and will try to convince you to add a bathtub anyway because it offers greater appeal to the buyer than the bathroom without a bathtub.

It may be true but times are changing. For you, a major concern should be how you are going to perform shear functionality in your bathroom. You’ll agree with me, having more space in your bathroom enables us to do some extra task i.e. laundry, etc. If you have a small space and you do not use that bathroom for taking a shower then it is better to avoid bathtubs. Especially, if you have another family bathroom in the house which can be used for showering. That family bathroom can fulfill your showering needs and save you another bathtub money. Plus, you can install a luxurious shower instead of a bathtub giving your bathroom a modern look.

If you have a large bathroom or you love to take showers in that bathroom then, by all means, go for a bathtub. Bathrooms with Bathtub can be an attractive prospect for people with children. You should always do what’s easy on your budget and can give you maximum functionality. Even if it means leaving your bathtub option out of your remodeling plan.

Naturally Ventilated Bathroom:

We all know this problem, the bathroom getting smelly. Even if you try so hard to eradicate that smell, it does not seem to go away. This problem becomes more intense if you don’t have insufficient ventilation in your bathroom. A fan or window can make a big difference. Always prefer to have a window in your bathroom because the best ventilation is natural light and air. Even a small opening for ventilation can be enough.

Adding an opening in your bathroom can keep your bathroom clean, neat, free of mold and freshly aired. Natural can prevent mold from increasing and also safety while showering. We all know how humid it gets in the bathrooms. That’s why ventilation is effective and will also add to the aesthetic benefits of your bathroom.

Discuss multiple procedures with your contractor or remodeling professional. Always design an opening with a downward sill slope. Frosted glass can help you with privacy if you decide to go with the bathroom window.

Recessed Medicine Cabinet:

By using a recessed medicine cabinet above vanity, you can get more storage space and a polished look in your bathroom. Try to install it a few inches inside a wall, you can save some needed space. It will give your bathroom a modern look as well. This procedure does not cost much. So it is useful to have this renovation in your bathroom remodeling plan.

If your vanity is on the shallower side then you can give yourself some extra space to bend over and can use the sink by using a recess in the wall. You can avoid the terror of banging your head on the mirror edge.

Use Good Lighting:

If your bathroom has good access to the natural light then you can go a little easy about lighting. Still consider improving your light situation in your bathroom by changing or even as in adding to current light while renovating. It will help you achieve more functionality and the mood of the room.

Dimmer lights are more pleasant in the mood while taking showers. It sets the mood just right. If you take a relaxing bath often then you know what we are discussing here. A relaxing bath does not last relaxing in full artificial light. This is not much fun and relaxing. That’s why you should add dimmers to your main lights.

Recessed lighting fixtures as all around the mirror can give you out with the excellent and best lighting for your makeup or hair fixing, or shaving, etc. Hence you can also consider adding lights within the shower just as rather than all around it. By doing this, you will feel your showers are more aesthetically good and yet safer when they’re lighted quite properly.

Well, a single thing you should always keep in mind while remodeling, our preferences change with time. What we want now, may not want in the future. So always choose those options which can be easily adjustable in the long run.


Your bathroom is the personal place where you go to take relaxing long baths and fix yourself to present to the outer world. If you’ll consider this mindset while remodeling modern bathroom, you will feel relaxed and in love with space after finishing. Before, the bathrooms were just considered utilitarian rooms. Nowadays, they’re more than that. They are designed and built by keeping in mind the relaxing and aesthetic experience. It presents the inner personality of any homeowner. That’s why they have evolved into at-home spas. Designing a modern and personalized bathroom requires proper planning and careful thought. Remodeling your bathroom should result in a more efficient, more stylish and more functional space in your house. Consider these above-described steps. These are important yet small steps.