12 Top Bathroom remodeling Trends – Bathroom Updates 2020

Below you can find  12 bathroom remodeling trends which will increase value of your property and make your time in the bath pleasurable. If you’re buying clothes, handbags, tech or anything, you always try to get the latest thing. All the magazines are designed this way to help you keep up with all the trends. Similarly, if you’re planning to renovate your house in 2020 you can keep these bathroom remodeling trends in your mind. These trends will help you shape the new bathroom – modern bathroom you desire.

The bathroom is a personal retreat for every person. Whether you have a large bathroom or a small one, keeping it vibrant and modern is not an easy task. Essentially, when you’re planning to renovate, you need to have as much knowledge as possible. You don’t want to miss out on any little detail because the remodeling procedure can be expensive. Here are some of the trends you can follow to make your bathroom more modern and luxurious while keeping it easily functional.

1. Vanity Mirror Division:

With a vanity mirror divided into two sets, two people will be able to get prepared and use the same bathroom without any mess because there is enough room for both of them and their necessary items. More and more people are going with this set up making it a very popular choice in bathroom decoration. This bathroom remodeling trend will also help you store the items for two-people while making it look as elegant and stylish as possible. This also makes your vanity the prime focus of your bathroom.

2. Accent Walls:

An accent wall is a wall that is made of different materials or contrast colors with respect to the rest of the walls of your bathroom. Popular materials that are being used for an accent wall are mosaic tile, brick, marble, natural stone, and wood in many cases. The main purpose of adding this wall is to provide a focal point for your vanity or bathtub. In simple words, whichever thing you want to highlight in your bathroom, you can do this with the help of this wall. We’ve seen an accent wall made of paper and plastic as well. A glass accent wall can give a modern look to your bathroom if done right.

3. Freestanding Bathtubs Or Sinks:

This choice is a classic bathroom remodeling trends. Why we’re calling it a bathroom classic is because this style never goes out of style. It is easy to understand why freestanding bathtubs or sinks are in style items because they match with any bathroom decor easily. Whether you are trying to achieve a modern look i.e. stone resin or something more classic i.e. clawfoot, freestanding bathtubs and sinks will add great retaining value to your home.

4. Modern Light Fixtures:

The cheapest way to remodel your bathroom is by upgrading your light fixtures in it. Light can have a great impact on your mood. If you’re a person who likes to take a relaxing bath after work then you should install dimmers into your lighting fixtures. This will help you to set the moods. Popular choices in bathroom trends lighting are chandeliers or hanging bulbs which can be amplified up & down with the help of dimmers depending upon the desired mood.

You can go through multiple choices before selecting the one that fits your own style. Lighting should be selected depending upon the personal style and desired vibrancy for your space.

5. Bold Colors:

Bold colors can help you add vibrancy to your bathroom. You can achieve a striking look without adding cabinets, sink or any appliance. It can simply be achieved by repainting your existing bathroom. Best choices are lime green which gives your home summer feel, blue goes well with saturated places, orange provides a warm and depth feeling, matte black adds a strong accent against your white accessories, and the list goes one. Select the one that goes well with your taste and overall feel of your bathroom.

6. Heated Bathroom Floors:

It’s a nightmare to step on frigid cold floors especially in winters. The solution to this problem has been around since the beginning of Rome but it is becoming very common these days. With advanced technologies and affordable cost, electrical floor heating technology is becoming very trendy. This technology requires installing rubber tubes in the shape of an electric blanket under your house floor. This is connected with the water heater, controlled by a thermostat and timer. This system usually applied to the overall complete house.

7. Diverse Tile Texture:

Diversifying your tile textures can give you interesting patterns and a chance to be creative. This may seem awkward sometimes but this technique has fair potential to look awesome. With this technique, you can create refreshing, smooth, or eye-catching patterns on the floor of your bathroom. You can also create a pattern based upon the warmth absorption capability of different textures. Depending upon the colors you wish to incorporate, you can give your bathroom a rusty or edgy look. In simple words, it’s your chance to be creative.

8. Hidden Storage:

This concept is taking homeowners by storm. Practical applications of this concept like creativity with space and storage give your bathroom a very modern feel. You can take existing items in your bathroom i.e. shelves, cabinets, or vanities and add additional storage areas within them. Little specialized compartments can also be added to the walls. These compartments can be divided into more small portions to give a more personalized experience to users. You can put your sensitive medical items into these compartments which can be harmful in easily accessible space. Hidden pull out stools are another great idea to give advantage to people with short heights to grab things easily.

These next bathroom remodeling trends are going to be environment friendly and can save you money as well. It does not take much to be a little considerate about the environment. It’s just a matter of different choices.

9. Water Efficient Toilets:

You can save some money and be considerate about the environment by using these kinds of toilets. If you’re installing a new toilet is in your remodeling plan then go for water-efficient toilets. This choice will hugely affect your sewage and water bill in thorough coming years. With a continued deficiency in clean water every passing day, you can also add your contributions by choosing water-efficient toilets and save 10-15 dollars on water bills yearly.

10. Energy Efficient Light Bulbs:

With a different kind of vibrant lighting options, you can select personalized energy-efficient light fixtures. These kind lighting fixtures can provide 80% efficiency on energy while giving you the same amount of brightness. Their brightness can be a little strange but these fixtures can last twice as long as regular lighting fixtures. Beneficial for your wallet and the environment at the same time.

11. Addition Of Plants into Toilets:

Tiles, stones, bold colors, and steel can make your bathroom an oppressive place. Fortunately, you can add a touch of green by placing plants which can make the bathroom environment more appealing. A small plant on the shelves or countertop can make your bathroom more alive and natural. Some plants actually grow better in low lights, high humidity, and warmth. That’s why your bathroom can be a great place to experiment because it provides the same kind of environment. So do your little experiments, grow little orchards or some basil plants, or some potted plants to do air purifying in your bathroom.

12. BioPhilic Design For Your Bathroom:

You can add a small plant to give some natural feeling or if you are an environmental enthusiast like most people are these days. People are adapting more to natural designs. If you’re one of them then you’re going to love this biophilic design trend. There is no doubt that we’re more efficient, focused and calmer in the presence of nature. Most commercial buildings are also adopting this trend to boost their employees’ performances i.e. Amazon Headquarters in Seattle. Incorporate plants not just standalone fixtures but add them into floors, walls, and create a more greenish environment for your bathroom. You can achieve this by using nature-based shapes, natural materials, flora in your walls, and standalone tubs & sinks. In these trends, use soothing colors, like green, white, yellow, and gray.


If you already have a properly constructed and designed bathroom then you can integrate this ideology into your existing decor. You can do this in various ways, i.e. wall of greenery, natural material tiles, oddly shaped sink, standalone tubs, and unsymmetrical shapes to inspire natural shapes. Opt for soothing colors and tones i.e. whites, gray, green, and yellow, etc.

While many of the above-described trends are popular for seemingly good reasons. The possibilities are endless, you can even combine these ideas to generate a more personalized approach for the renovation or design of your bathroom. The main focus should be functionality and comfort while implementing these trendy ideas. Sound planning and good consultation is the foundation that will make your project more successful.

These trends are only useful if implemented with care. Also, these trends will add tremendous value to your house for a long time. That’s why always explore resources at your disposal properly. And have fun with these trendy ideas.