Budget Kitchen Remodel Ideas: Without Compromising on Style

This perception of spending a fortune to have a stylish kitchen is just plain wrong. With these budget kitchen remodel ideas, you can get a fresh look by spending less and doing little. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and passion to makeover your kitchen with the low costs without compromising on style.

If your cupboard looks a bit tarnished, only replace the doors if the remaining framework is still in good condition. Some companies offer replacement doors with multiple styles and colors. What else can you do? You can paint the whole thing to give it a fresh look. Both of these hassle-free and a lot cheaper technique can actually refresh the whole bit of dated feel without renovating the entire space. Especially, paint is the easiest and least expensive way to carry out a quick renovation. Always go with a calming shade that can help you relax in your kitchen space.

Opt for that paint brand which can give you long-lasting quality and durable finish. All of the finishes e.g. soft furnishing, shelving displays, and artworks are easy to repaint and update seasonally to provide a fancy new feel. To shower some classic charm into your kitchen, you can add vintage cookware which is easily available on antique shops and eBay. Affordable classic pieces such as classic dresser with glass doors or furniture available for budget kitchen remodel can be a great way to store and show off your chinaware. It’s better to avoid expensive antiques because there is always much going on in a kitchen. You don’t want someone to knock over your special antiques.

There are so many ideas you can think of and implement. It requires a little bit of creativity and imagination. Here are some kitchen ideas on a budget that you can carry out to transform your space without compromising on style.

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Paint Kitchen Cabinets:

Painting your cabinets is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to refresh your kitchen. Paint them with cream color or anything latest. By selecting the latest color trend, you can present your kitchen as vibrant and fresh. Prime the paint first. There is a wide range of purchase paints available best suited for melamine, wood or cardboard from your local retailers.

Refresh Your Fridge:

If you can’t afford to buy a new fridge but are tired of seeing the old dated one every day then why not paint it with a different color. Before doing this, clean the fridge from outside with the use of cloth. Use spray paint and apply two coats. Leave it to dry for 15 minutes each. If paint gets too thick or disturbed on some patches, you can always apply sandpaper on it. You can add design by sticking white paper cut in different designs while spraying the paint. Your fridge will make a statement of your hard work.

Update Kitchen Walls:

Why stop at painting your cupboards only. It is cheap to paint the walls as well. We mean cheaper than carrying out the full-fledged remodeling project. Give your kitchen a fresh feeling without breaking your bank. You know what the best part is, you can do it in one day. Select the latest paint which can go with your overall look or at least make a stunning contrast with other things present.

Renew Kitchen Floors:

Maybe it’s the flooring that is getting the look of your kitchen down. If your flooring looks worn then this will become messy to renovate. Still, you can opt-for budget-friendly flooring options like cork, vinyl or laminate. If you really want to go for the same flooring type which is already laid on then what you can do is simply run underneath the plinth instead of going wall to wall, this will lower your cost further.

Improve Kitchen Storage:

Our accumulation abilities have increased amazingly over the years. Storage is the most important element which needs to be handled smartly especially in a small kitchen. Sort out your cupboards in such a way that you can have instant access to those which you use on a daily basis. Be creative with storage spaces. You can achieve a lot of space with simple ideas without being heavy on the budget. For Example, introduce a drawer instead of a deep cupboard because it is best for keeping frying pan, pots, or special utensils. It can be a nightmare to find whenever they’re needed. This way, you can have specific spots for these kinds of utensils and easy to remember where to find them. You can always avoid shelves and go with hanging glasses upside down because it provides a bit of style with covering less area. Add extra shelves and hanging rails to make every available space count.

Design A Feature Wall:

By creating a feature wall, you’re giving your kitchen personality and awesome touch. You can easily create a feature wall by using chalkboard paint. A simple black paint wall designed to be written or drawn on with chalk. It is a great way to develop healthy eating habits in your children while entertaining them at the same time. Plus, you can keep an eye on your children’s activities around the chalkboard feature wall while cooking. Also, it is the best way to create an ideal family meal planner.

Another way of adding a feature wall is for aesthetic purposes. You can either create a feature wall with cheaper material or give it a stunning look by applying wallpaper or you can add wallpaper to an existing wall to create vibrancy and refreshment in the old kitchen. Before buying any wallpaper, it is always best to make sure before that it is heat and steam resistant material. And it goes with the style scheme of your kitchen or at least gives some kind of stunning contrast.

Replace Cabinet Handles:

One little tiny step you can take to give yourself some satisfaction is to change the cabinet handles. Simply replace them with other trendy material made handles. Leather and brass are hotly preferred these days.

Add Fun Accessories:

Add fun accessories onto your shelves and maybe think about reorganizing the worktop to show only your favorites. Accessories are those items that can instantly light up the whole place and bring back the newly designed feelings. A dresser can be the perfect place to show off your neat glassware, cups, or crockery.

Use New Fabric:

Enough of looking at those tired old chairs or dusty colorless blinds. Try changing your new seat cushions, and purchase new pretty blinds and tablecloths. It will work like wonder and won’t even cost you that much. You believe it or not, a new tea towel can change the entire outlook of your serving.

Install New Lighting:

How about changing the lights in your kitchen? You can use additional lighting at the surface edges for decorating but that’s just an extra cost. Try to replace spotlights, halogen bulbs, worktops, and overhead lighting in the dining area. You can always use electricity-saving or eco-friendly lights, they will give you different kinds of brightness but they will last longer and save you a lot of electricity costs while being environment friendly as well.

Buy New Furniture/Machinery:

Nothing gives more satisfaction than buying new appliances. You’re in luck if you love doing this, buy anything for your kitchen from appliances to furniture. It will transform the whole bit dated look into a refreshing new start. Don’t overspend it in one go. Some appliances make a huge difference if they’re replaced than others like freestanding appliances. Opt for a brightly colored freestanding appliance to make the impact clear and huge. Even buying a new kettle or toaster will make you feel like something new about your kitchen and it won’t cost you that much as well.

Change The Taps:

Taps show the distinctive character of your kitchen. You can make a real statement by installing a new distinctive black tap. Or you can achieve a country look with eggshell ceramic handles and contemporary feel by installing stainless steel taps. See how you can change the whole character in a jiffy by just changing taps.

Use Curtains For Covering:

Leaving your appliances exposed can cost you money because of environmental effects if they’re of low quality. It is always better to keep them covered and prevent dust from settling on them. Use pretty curtains to conceal the appliances under the countertops or shelves. You can also use curtains to cover up shelves. And also crannies that don’t have unit doors. Buy a fabric which can go well with the theme of the room, and align with the colors of walls and accessories. It can be a muted color or bolder pattern depending upon your choice and taste.

Introduce Vintage Furniture:

The classic things let us feel like we’re holding onto reality. That’s why to add classic feel into your kitchen, add vintage furniture. You can buy them at a low cost or can even get them free from charity shops or garage sales. Someone said it right, “one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure.” You can apply creative ideas about using the vintage furniture, for example, stylish pendant lights showering over old stools can make you an edgy breakfast bar.

So there you’ve it, simple tricks and tips which can give you proof that you don’t need to spend a fortune to have your stylish kitchen.