5 Things To Consider While Planning a new bath remodeling project

Things to look for while planning a new bath remodeling in Chicago

Shower base installation bath remodelingFinding the best bath remodeling contractor in Chicago for a job is not the easiest task. There are so many companies on the market offering similar services that you might feel overwhelmed with. Things to look for can include the skills and expertise level they offer, budget, attention to details, authenticity, professionalism and honesty.

It is always good to look at the customer reviews and past projects gallery. Meeting the person, you would like to hire will give you overall picture of who are you dealing with. This can be easily be accomplish when providing an estimate. If this person can easily provide expert knowledge with effective communication, it will allow a smooth and easy process during the remodel.

To many, the most important thing to consider is price. Choosing the cheapest option might not always be successful and the same with most expensive.

If a company is too busy to talk or meet with you in the upcoming days, it might mean that the company is to renowned or possibly customer care/time management is not being handled in a timely manner. Knowing this information can lead to lack of communication during a remodel and can hinder the needs and wants of the project.

No one likes feeling like they are being ignored or not important especially when really these projects are all about you. When designing any part of your home you should expect great results and satisfaction when paying higher prices. In the other case, we would not recommend going into a business with someone who might give less than expected.

You most definitely can find smaller companies existing up to 10 years on the market that show distinctive execution of work and all the features mentioned above. The fact that they are less known on the market usually means, that they never paid attention to marketing and were getting their job mainly from recommendations. That itself is a good indicator, as they will usually pay bigger attention to details and add uniqueness to the project as an added value.

Trust your intuition and do a research before you decide. Make 3-4 appointments for a free estimate and see what they have to offer. Let the best person make your vision a reality.

Custom Shower Niche installation project - bath remodeling


1. Best bathroom contractors in Chicago will show unusual attention to details. Remodeling is not just a job for them but a passion in life. It is a job that they enjoy doing, whether it is a big or small bathroom remodeling project.

2. While choosing a contractor from Chicago for your bath remodel make sure they look legit. Ask about their experiences or the most challenging project they had. Find out more about what they have already done. Tell them to show you a picture from their phone. Check out past reviews and presence in social media. If the company is visible and accessible in the internet, it is much easier to leave them a review, whether it is bad or good. Look for a “red flags” …one bad review does not always mean the whole company is not reliable. It is hard to please everyone.

3. Choose a few candidates and give them a chance to present their services and what they have to offer. Look at the project’s photos and website, as well as business card or brochure. If it looks like it was made in 5 minutes, don’t expect that your bathroom project will be done with a bigger attention to details.

4. Talk business, request a quote and according to the job level, negotiate with them about the price. If pricing is an important aspect for you, tell them what you would like to be done tip top and what can be done in regular way. This will allow you to leave the interval for negotiation.

5. Request formal bathroom renovation cost bids from bathroom remodeling contractors Chicago, and with projects over $5000, sign a contract with all the work details, review it and request proof of insurance. Include the time frame of when work should start and end (Usually will be done earlier) if you made a good choice. A written agreement is always a good sign; however, many companies offer electronic signature for documents. It saves time not only for you, but also the company, and allows the work to begin quicker.

Signing the final contract agreement for bath remodeling in Chicago

It is always better to have everything in writing, even with a small job. Signing a legally binding contract agreement for bath remodeling project should include each aspect of work that needs to be done such as:

• Effective dates
• Remodeling services to perform
• Changes in services
• Remodeling schedule, plan
• Start and full completion date
• Payment schedule
• Safety precautions
• Liability waiver
• Termination
• Dispute and Legal fees

If the process is clear and the contract agreement is fully explained to you by a company member, you can sign and pay the deposit before starting. It will usually be about 50% if not stated differently. It should cover costs of labor and initial cost of materials. Only once the contract is done and you do not have any more comments or things to be fixed/changed and are completely satisfied from the work should you pay the other 50%.