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Tile Contractors Chicago, IL – Meet U.S. Home Construction Inc.

We are a professional tile installation contractors that specializes in providing top-quality tiling services and renovations. With quality craftsmanship, economical rates, highest standards, and guaranteed installation, we assure you that we will beautify your home for years to come. From design to finished product, we take pride in what we do. Our professionals will assist you in creating the room of your dreams.

We will give your ideas a new journey and will help you make the best decisions for your tile installation project. We have been providing tiles for several years and are dedicated to keeping our clients happy by renovating your home and giving it a completely new look. Being the leader in tile installation, we provide everything from tile to natural stone, offering exceptional and reliable tile installation services. Our objective is to work with you and offer customized solutions to cover all your needs.

Customers are the asset of a business, and they demand quality! Here, at U.S. Home Construction Inc., we truly understand this. That is why we always put customers on our top priority and listen to their specific needs and requirements. Our staff takes time to understand their individual needs and to treat them with respect and smile.

By following the highest industry and ethical standards, we guarantee 100 per cent customer satisfaction. We have a proven record of providing quality tile installation services. We always make sure the best possible service is delivered to our customers, and this is the reason that we have become the best choice for our customers.

Tired of seeing your same old wall and floor tiles? Plan ahead, get in touch with us, and make your time more pleasurable!

Every tile installation project we complete is a beautiful and unique piece of art. By taking our services and choosing our up-to-date trendy tile ideas, you will not believe your eyes when you see your home remodeled in a different way. There is no reason to wait for more. So, give us an opportunity to be your tile installation specialist. Look no further. We will provide a solution to all your home remodeling needs. U.S. Home Construction Inc. would love to make YOUR dreams its challenge!

Get the Best Tile Installation in Chicago

Want to add some drama to your outdated bathroom and kitchen? Are you looking for some good floor and wall tiles that can update your entire space? U.S. Home Construction Inc. is providing the best tile installation services with no matter what kind of tile you need to upgrade your home.

A tile is a good option for floors and walls that most people love. It works best for those areas of your house that are an easy target for moisture, humidity, or dirt. Widely accepted and can be used in a wide range of settings from tile flooring in the living room and dining room to bathroom and kitchen. Good option that lasts for generations to come so make sure that the installation and repair of tiles are done right for the first time with U.S. Home Construction Inc.

Whether you are looking for floor tiles or wall tiles or you want to add a traditional and vintage look, we have got your covered with some incredible designs that can not only enhance the look of any room but can add an overall appeal and beauty to your space.

Add a warm feel and timeless look to your home with our tile installation services because here quality meets integrity!

Most people hesitate to go for installing the tiles in their homes. They are of the view that tile installation is expensive. Although tile installation is a costly option, if we consider the replacement or maintenance costs of other options, we will come to know that it is less expensive in the long run. Moreover, it is a permanent option, as well. Installing the tiles is a hand-operated and labour-intensive task. Therefore, it is necessary to take the services of a dedicated and reliable tile installing professionals like us who can install your ceramic floor beautifully and efficiently.

Why Choose Us as Your Tile Contractor?

From bathroom tile flooring, kitchen backsplash, and radiant heated floors to granite marble flooring for your living room, the professional teams at U.S. Home Construction Inc. are doing a great job and are always ready to treat you as if you were a family. Moreover, we offer free estimates and consultation according to the needs of your project.

As a tile contractor and renovation company, we are also providing floor tiles that look like wood. So, if you want a wood-like floor, you may take our services. Our tile installation services come in a variety of options, for example, tile wall installations, tile floor installations, custom tile installations, tile and grout sealing, and much more. You can choose the one that is best suited for your needs. Take a look at our tile floor installation services:

  • Ceramic tile flooring
  • Stone tile
  • Bathroom remodeling and renovation
  • Laminate flooring
  • Granite marble tile flooring
  • Engineered flooring
  • Cork and slate tile flooring
  • Porcelain tile flooring
  • Kitchen backsplash tile
  • Glass tile flooring, and much more!

All these tile installation services can surely enhance the ambience of your home. From these tile options, porcelain tile flooring and ceramic tile flooring is the most durable option. Apart from these, our other tile flooring options are also perfect for any room – kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, or bathroom. They can add a distinctive beauty to your space, and we are sure that you will find colors and designs of your choice that match your preferences.

Whether you are looking to add a classic and vintage look to your home or you want a modern touch with a stone and glazed finish, there is a style in all our tile floor installation services that may suit every taste and personality. We are there to enhance your experience and refresh your space in every possible way.

Expect the best with our diverse tile installation services!

Not only this, but our number of tile installation services may also keep your creative juices flowing. Yes, you read it right! We do not only offer tile installations for floors, but our ceramic tiles can be used for bath showers, kitchen countertops, and backsplashes as well, adding an artistic touch to your decor. Now you can match your wall tiles with that of the floors, or you can make a contrast, adding beauty to your decor.

So, if you are looking for an affordable way to transform your home, we are here to help you. We will provide all services in a professional manner.

Get Your Tile Projects Customized Here!

Want to make your vision come to life? Saying yes? U.S. Home Construction Inc. can make it happen for you with its variety of quality services as well as superior products!

Most people want to have a unique and chic tile work. If you are one of them, we will provide you with custom tile masterpieces. If you want to customize your tile project, no worries as we are here to assist you with customized projects.

The professionals at U.S. Home Construction Inc. always make sure to discuss every aspect of the project with you, so you are 100 % satisfied with the end results. Whether you want to start tile installation from scratch or you want to go for remodeling, our professional experts will aid you in choosing the best material for your project.

We know that tile is a permanent finish so you may get worried if it is not installed as per your requirements. To satisfy you in every way, we provide several options for custom tile installation so that we can run your project as effortlessly and smoothly as possible. In fact, we love what we do!

Ready to Schedule a Service?

No matter you want a new tile installation for your bathroom, kitchen, or an entire home, we are ready to serve you for your residential as well as commercial tile project. You can trust U.S. Home Construction Inc. for your next tile flooring installation and repair project. We are offering special prices on tile installation, wood floor tiles, natural stone tiles as well as laminate floor tiles. Plus, you can also hire us for tile repair as well. We offer a full satisfaction guarantee and help you to make your vision a reality. We offer the best customer service by discussing all your budget needs, ideas, and expectations.

There are a lot of tile installation companies out there, but we believe we are the right tile installation company for you!

Are you interested in learning more about what we offer? Want to schedule our high-quality tile installation and repair services? Do not wait anymore. We are just a call away. So, approach us right now for proper tile installation and let our team of experts make your dream come true!

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