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So, you are planning to remodel your bathroom by installing a shower base. Right? You have come to the right place. U.S. Home Construction Inc. is here to transform your ideas into reality!

U.S. Home Construction Inc. is a leading bathroom remodeling contractor in Chicago and Suburbs that is providing high-quality and unmatchable bathroom remodeling services, including shower base installation. Several years of experience in installing shower pans, and a lot of homeowners have trusted us in getting affordable shower base installation services. We have helped homeowners and business owners with a wide range of home repair services. We assure you that by taking our services, you will get a professionally installed shower base with 100 percent satisfaction. Better customer service, highest industry standards, and fully customized designs – these are some key terms that have set us apart from our competitors.

When you desire to get quality craftsmanship, approach us to install your shower base!

A shower base or shower pan is one of the most important equipment that collects water and prevents it from going into unnecessary places. It can make the floor waterproof for the shower. Whether you are installing a new bathroom or you are planning for a major bathroom remodeling, installing a shower base is a common task that must be done with careful planning. There are several kinds of shower bases whose installation depends on the type of shower floor and your budget. To make sure that every part of the shower base fits well, along with choosing a quality shower base, you need to check whether it is working with the existing drain line or not. But most important of all, it is necessary to opt for the best and reliable services for shower base installation!

The experienced and certified professionals at U.S. Home Construction Inc. are working day and night not only to improve themselves but to exceed our customers’ expectations. Yes, it is right. We are putting efforts to do our best for our clients, and with their feedback, we continue to strive for perfection.

Trust Our Skilled Technicians

The bathroom is always considered as a place of relaxation. What if it does not fit your needs? You need to remodel your bathroom, and the best thing to do is to install a new shower base. U.S. Home Construction Inc. will surely help you to get the perfect feel in your bathroom with an ideal shower base. Here at U.S. Home Construction Inc., our pros take pride in installing the shower pans. They realize that it is very important to install the shower base right for the first time, as it may be costly for the customers in terms of maintenance and repair. From small adjustments to major shower base installation Chicago, we will transform your current bathroom into a space that will meet your needs and vision. Plus, with this type of bathroom remodeling idea, you will be able to create a space that is not only functional and comfortable but also fit your budget as well as lifestyle.

In addition, we do not use any third-party shower base installing contractor. When you contact us, it means our technicians are the ones who will complete your shower base installation task. Plus, we use the best material with a lifetime warranty. We assure you that you will enjoy high-quality customer service and attention to detail. We will keep your project on time as well as on budget!

Get the Best Shower Base Installation Services in Chicago and Suburbs

Do you want to install a prefabricated shower base, or you want to renovate or repair your existing shower pan? Are you searching for a reliable shower base installer that can provide services with the highest quality craftsmanship and quality at the least expensive rate? Did you just say yes? Here at U.S. Home Construction Inc., we are providing the best shower base installation services in Chicago and Suburbs, so whether you want to install a prefabricated base or you need to customize your shower pan, we are here to assist you.

From replacing your traditional single threshold shower base to installing a barrier-free shower base, we have got your covered. We are always ready to install customized shower bases in just a fraction of the time without causing hassle. We guarantee you that your shower will maintain its sleek appearance for years to come. You design your shower base, and we will make it real for you.

The beauty of your bathroom will begin from the moment you hire U.S. Home Construction Inc. for your shower base installation!

Create the Shower Area of Your Dreams with U.S. Home Construction Inc.

No matter you want a simple update or a full remodel, U.S. Home Construction Inc. will work within your budget. We have a great team of experts that provide top-notch services to customers by taking care of all the necessary measurements. We take the utmost care to install your shower base without causing disruption to your home. Plus, we also clean any mess we make.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that whether you are performing the renovation yourself or you are taking the services of an experienced contractor, it is necessary to determine waterproofing techniques. Why? Because without that, even if you remodel your bathroom, it will become unusable after a few weeks.

Why Call U.S. Home Construction Inc. for Shower Base Installation?

Our experts always try to find out what kind of changes you want and what style you need for your shower base installation. They also focus on finding out how much space do you have to install a shower base and what your budget is.

When you choose U.S. Home Construction Inc. for your shower base installation, you will get the following benefits:

  • Economical pricing
  • Licensed and insured
  • High level of customer service
  • Quick response time
  • Professional and courteous technicians

To take advantage of the above perks, choose U.S. Home Construction Inc. Our professionals will take your personal ideas and use them with some of the latest trends to create a beautiful shower area for you. So, trust our experts and make a splash.

Shower bases come in many different sizes and types. These may include vinyl, fiberglass, and ceramic and acrylic shower pans. Acrylic shower pans last longer than the fiberglass pans, but they are a much costly option. Plus, they can be installed easily and can be custom-fitted to your existing bathroom with triple-seal technology.

Professional shower base Installation

The installation of a shower base is an art. It is, in fact, the most important step during the process of bathroom renovation. Our professional teams make sure that the shower base you select fits and works quite well. They focus on all the necessary requirements and make sure that the shower base matches different circumstances, including the current drain location and that it is watertight as well. They make efforts to get things permanently in place.

Get the best shower base installation services from U.S. Home Construction Inc. to meet your design and budget!

Installing a new shower base is quite labor-intensive. Most people get some installation materials and install a shower base themselves. Although the DIY method costs less, problems may arise, such as water damage and mold. To overcome such potential problems and to get the job done quickly as well as accurately, it becomes necessary to take the services of a reliable shower base installing professionals like us. With U.S. Home Construction Inc. shower base installation services, you will get much more than just an aesthetic upgrade. Our team is dedicated to working closely with you so that before finalizing the shower base design, your likes and preferences can be understood. All these efforts result in creating a design that fits your budget, besides adding instant beauty to your bathroom.

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If you want to have a stress-free and convenient experience while installing the shower base, get in touch with U.S. Home Construction Inc. right now as we provide reliable plumbing services with competitive rates. With a track record of excellence and experience in the relevant industry, our experts can manage everything from start to finish to provide a remarkable transformation for your bathroom. We will try our level best to compliment your overall vision for the installation of a shower base with our professional and courteous service.

So, what is holding you back as it is the time to take our services? Yes, we are your economical shower base installing contractor, so do not wait anymore and get peace of mind that you have trusted professionals working for you to give the shower you deserve whether you need a simple fix or full renovation. Trust us; we will transform your shower into a luxurious space.

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